For this week's Around the World, we talked about Momoru Hosoda's 2009 animated film, Summer Wars (Soma Wozu). David brought it to the panel -- what's so special about it...and familiar? Is it possible for a director to plagiarize his own work? Is it possible for a massively popular novel and very expensive movie version to also rip off that same work? Did Brett and Nicole like it anyway? We discuss our real opinions of this virtual world on this episode.

The side-by-side comparison of Summer Wars and the Second Digimon Movie: Bokura no War Game (2000) can be found at Actar's Otaku Life, The Plagiarism of Summer Wars? You can read more about eWorld at Remembering eWorld, Apple's forgotten online service.

Next episode's You Did This to Us will be 1982's The Beastmaster.

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March 22, 2022